"Here with you every step of the way."

About Us

CRAMLI Psychological and Behavioural Services (CRAMLI) are registered NDIS Providers of Specialist Behaviour Support (Improved Relationships) and Therapeutic Supports working with people affected by psychological issues and behaviours of concern.

CRAMLI has been running for over 4 years, servicing our community across Victoria and Cairns, Queensland. CRAMLI staff are experienced and knowledgeable in addressing behaviours of concern and implementing person-centred evidence-based strategies to reduce the impact challenging behaviour has on their family, carers, community and the individual.

Our staff are qualified practitioners in social work, psychotherapy, psychological studies, counselling, applied behaviour analysis, and mental health, to name a few – with over 50 years of experience combined working in the Forensic, Mental Health, Education, Behaviour, and Disability sectors.

Our practitioners have the understanding, knowledge and experience to address symptoms of psychological impact that affect an individual’s ability to manage distress, emotions, behaviour or ability to regulate.

CRAMLI practitioners pride themselves on being trauma-informed, resourceful, solution-focused and passionate and seek the best outcomes for each participant, as no two participants are the same.


CRAMLI’s vision is to be market leaders in addressing psychological and behavioural issues to help families and individuals with evidence-based interventions.  


To reduce challenging behaviours and improving on one’s wellbeing.